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VO2 and Cardio Metabolic Analysis


Are you eager to elevate your athletic performance, achieve weight loss goals, or enhance your overall health? Gain a profound understanding of your body's metabolic functions with advanced VO2 and Cardiometabolic analysis. This cutting-edge cardiometabolic and vo2 analysis provides an in-depth view of your body's operations at rest and during physical activity, paving the way to unlock your true performance potential.

Leveraging the state-of-the-art PNOE System, our comprehensive services include:

  • RMR Analysis -  This gives us a precise view of how many calories your body burns at rest so that we may know exactly how many calories you should be consuming.

  • AMR Analysis - Know exactly how many calories and what percentage of carbs and fats your body uses while active.

  • VO2 Max Testing - Know how well adapted your body is to utilizing oxygen and performing at a high level.

  • WHOOP Calibration - Do you have a WHOOP? You Should! We can calibrate your wearable to be 100% accurate in tracking your movement and calories burned.

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Resting Metabolic Rate

Active Metabolic Rate

VO2 Max Testing

WHOOP Calibration


Resting Metabolic Rate

The precise number of calories your body burns at rest through our RMR testing in Boston. This essential component of cardiometabolic testing provides invaluable insights into your body's baseline energy expenditure, helping us customize your calorie intake for optimal weight management and overall health. Unleash your potential by understanding your resting metabolism and making informed dietary choices based on accurate RMR analysis.


Active Metabolic Rate

Mysteries of your body's energy expenditure during physical activity with our AMR testing/ AMR pat test. Our advanced cardiometabolic analysis in Boston provides exact measurements of calories burned and the percentage of carbs and fats utilized during exercise. Through this AMR physical agility test, you can fine-tune your workouts and nutrition, optimizing performance, and achieving your fitness goals.


VO2 Max Testing

Measure your body's ability to utilize oxygen efficiently with our VO2 max testing in Boston. As a key component of cardiometabolic and VO2 analysis, this test reveals your peak performance potential and aerobic capacity. Understanding your VO2 max helps tailor training programs to enhance endurance and athletic capabilities, pushing boundaries and taking your fitness to new heights.


WHOOP Calibration

For WHOOP users, we offer precise calibration to ensure 100% accuracy in tracking movement and calories burned. As part of our cardiometabolic testing services, WHOOP calibration unlocks reliable data for optimizing your workouts and nutrition. Embrace the power of precise data and make informed decisions to amplify your results and improve overall well-being.

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