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Open Space for Independent Trainers

Attention All Personal Trainers!

In the Boston area? Looking for a space to conduct your personal training sessions?

At Back Bay Fit, we offer rentable space so that all personal trainers have the space they need to conduct their personal training sessions in a comfortable, high end atmosphere both you and your clients will enjoy.

Our state of the art training facility was recently renovated and designed for exactly everything you will need. We allow a select number of independent personal trainers to have the opportunity to build a business and brand for themselves, without some of the additional strain from large gyms, such as number projections, reports and when additional money is taken out of your price as a trainer. This can be a little more trouble than you want or have time for.

Why is Back Bay Fit the Perfect Gym Space?

Recently expanded, Back Bay Fit provides the ideal environment and access to the best equipment in the industry. We proudly equip our facility with mostly American Made equipment from Rogue and Kabuki Strength. With over 2000 square feet of training space, you and your clients will have adequate room to enjoy their training session in a collaborate environment. Located in Back Bay, we have been a leader in the industry in our area, due to our flexibility to our clients’ schedules, as well as our proximity to many of Boston’s biggest companies.

If you are interested in applying, as space is limited, please email Johnny below.

400 Commonwealth Avenue #G2
Boston, MA. 02115

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