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Boston's Premier Performance Center

Taking careful skill and judgement, we help guide you to becoming a stronger, healthier and more resilient human through our many services available at Back Bay Fit. Whether your goal is maximum performance on the athletic field, sculpting an incredible physique or simply feeling more empowered in your own body, Back Bay Fit will guide you along your journey. Whether you are coming in as a complete beginner to fitness, have been working out your entire life, or are a high performing athlete you will thrive at our facility. Back Bay Fit offers an experience like no other, with coaches specializing across multiple disciplines, health practitioners trained to rehab injury and offering state of the art equipment and technology you'll be blown away by our ability to meet your needs.

Crossfit Exercise


Back Bay Fit has assembled an industry leading Health and Wellness team comprised of Boston's Best personal trainers, coaches, doctors and therapists. Each is skilled in their craft and focused on providing to you the greatest care possible.

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David R

I have been training at Back Bay Fit for 6 years now. I came for a jump start to my fitness program and now I'm hooked!


Alisha A

Johnny and the Back Bay Fit team are incredible. They have built a wonderful, high end facility and an even better community

Ernie A

Personal Training, Chiropractic Services and Martial Arts lessons for my two kids? What more can I ask for? BBF is the best fitness facility in Boston.

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