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Our Team

Personal Trainers


Johnny Loreti

Owner of Back Bay Fit and Anthrofit

Johnny, along with his wife Loren owns Back Bay Fit and its in-house personal training company, Anthrofit. In Johnny's career as an athlete and trainer, he has had the privilege of working across multiple disciplines with varying types of clients. Having expertise across the spectrum from professional athletes to the elderly Johnny will ensure you are always working towards becoming a stronger, healthier version of yourself in an environment you'll enjoy. 

Loren Pic.webp

Loren Loreti


Mrs. Anthrofit


Josh Morin

Independent Trainer - Josh Morin Fitness

Results! Expect to work hard and be pushed. I make it fun, but also challenging at the same time!

 Josh is the founder of Josh Morin Personal Training. He grew up in Maine and has been involved in the health and fitness industry for the last 10 years. His motivation for fitness has enabled him to excel in the fitness industry and delivering results for his clients.  


Billy Demiri

Independent Trainer -  Believe It Health

My approach to coaching is not about quick fixes, it’s about making changes that last, it’s about being different without having to think about being different. And in order to create the life, the career, the relationships, or the abundance that we want in our lives it has to start with our health. After working with clients for many years on change I realized that until we dig deep and have the right vision and the right energy in our bodies, that change is really hard and when it does happen, it can be really hard to sustain. That’s why the vast majority of people who lose weight gain it back in the first six months. Simply put, when you change your health and energy you change your life. This is why the foundational work of my coaching program will start with transforming your health first and then beliefs to create an optimal state of being. From there, change becomes inevitable and sustainable.  I believe that when we shape the right mindset we can create lasting health, happiness, and confidence. 

Medical Practitioners and Therapists

Forward Logo.jpg

Dr. Stephen Laski and

Dr. Bryan Kent

Specializing in spine pain assessment, management and rehabilitation. Dr. Laski and Dr. Kent take a new approach well beyond "traditional" chiropractic care

Dr. Steven Zivich

Boston Direct Health is our preferred Direct Primary Care provider for all of our clients. BDH also performs DEXA/DXA scan imaging at our facility in Back Bay, Boston

Ash Logo.png

Ash Nemiccolo

Ash specializes in deep therapeutic massage. He is able to go deep into the muscles to get them to relax and let go of the tension they are holding, allowing you to get back to training at peak strength as soon as possible.

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