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Kickboxing: The Ultimate Workout

Updated: May 14


Kickboxing is one of the best workouts that you can do for yourself. High-energy kickboxing can be a huge motivation for your workout schedule and even make you want to workout even more. This being said, it is a total body workout unlike any you’ve ever tried. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits that come along with incorporating kickboxing into your workout schedule.

  • Reduce Stress: Boxing has been shown to reduce stress along with feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger. Being able to put all your energy into this one exercise, and focusing on it can really help to take your mind off of other things as well.

  • Boost Confidence: Kickboxing can help to boost your confidence by allowing you to take control of situations and focus.

  • Improved Coordination: Improving your coordination occurs because when you are kickboxing, you are inherently improving your core muscles which helps a lot with coordination, as those muscles are the ones that keep you upright and balanced.

  • Energy Boost: Working out releases endorphins, so therefore you will get an energy boost from a kickboxing class.

  • Better Posture: As mentioned above, the core muscles are vastly improved over time when one goes to kickboxing. The core muscles are was affect posture, so by increasing the strength of these muscles, you will be able to better your posture.

  • Burn Calories: Burning calories is always a plus! Kickboxing is one of the best exercises for burning calories and you can actually burn around 750 calories per hour just from this exercise.

  • Self Defense: By learning kickboxing, you are also learning self-defense. All of the moves you learn in a class can be applied to real life.

  • Improved Endurance: Since kickboxing is a heart-pumping cardio exercise, if you continue to do this exercise over a long period of time, you will improve your endurance.

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  1. Is kickboxing suitable for beginners, or do I need prior martial arts experience?

  • Kickboxing is suitable for beginners with no prior martial arts experience. Most classes cater to all skill levels, providing fundamental training and gradually advancing techniques as you progress.

  1. What equipment do I need to start kickboxing training?

  • To start kickboxing, you'll typically need hand wraps, gloves, and suitable footwear like boxing shoes or lightweight trainers. Some gyms may provide equipment, but having your own ensures proper hygiene and fit.

  1. How often should I train in kickboxing to see progress?

  • The frequency of kickboxing training depends on your fitness goals and schedule. For beginners, starting with 2-3 sessions per week is recommended, gradually increasing as you build stamina and technique. Consistency is key to seeing progress.

  1. Are there different styles of kickboxing, and how do I choose the right one for me?

  • Yes, there are various styles of kickboxing, including Muay Thai, American Kickboxing, and Full Contact Kickboxing, each with its own techniques and rules. To choose the right style, consider your goals (fitness, competition, self-defense), preferences, and available training options in your area.

  1. Is kickboxing primarily for self-defense, fitness, or both?

  • Kickboxing serves both self-defense and fitness purposes. While it equips you with practical self-defense techniques, it also offers an intense cardiovascular workout, improves coordination, flexibility, and overall strength. Many practitioners enjoy kickboxing for its dual benefits of self-improvement and physical conditioning.

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