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Providing access to Boston's Best Personal Trainers and coaches, Back Bay Fit offers a unique training experience completely personalized for you as an individual to help improve your health and performance. With our help, we enable you to realize and orient you towards achieving your own unique goals. Having a wide array of trainers with expertise across different training disciplines we will be sure to match you with the right coach.

Every new prospective will go through our onboarding process of a phone consultation as well as an in person consultation and tour of our training facility which of course is complimentary. After the phone consultation we pair you with the appropriate trainer based on your individual needs. Following the phone consultation you will meet with your prospective trainer to discuss in great depth your history, goals, and any limitations you may have.


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Strength Training

Everyone should strength train. All of our clients at Back Bay Fit will pick up a dumbbell, kettlebell, or barbell at some point during their training program and get stronger. Depending on our clients goals we will use these tools effectively to help make you stronger not only in the training facility but also out in life.


Hypertrophy Training

Hypertrophy, or bodybuilding training focuses on the primary goal of increasing lean muscle mass. Of course, you will both get more muscular and stronger whether training for strength or hypertrophy, however if the goal is to primarily increase muscle mass then training for hypertrophy will be the focus. Our coaches have the experience to train you for a bodybuilding competition or simply increase muscle mass and bone density as you age. 


Weight  Loss

Weight loss is typically part of most client's goals when coming into the gym, and we do the best job of helping you through that process. We help by supplying a terrific combination of strength training, as well as cardio, in order to create the best balance for your workout. Our coaches develop the perfect program for you that will help increase metabolism and burn more fat. We will also regularly test your body fat using an Inbody machine or Dexa Scan.   



If your goal is raw power, improving athletic performance, or competing on the platform at a powerlifting meet, then enrolling in a powerlifting program with one of our coaches will be the best fit. Our coaches are well verse in many training philosophies such as Westside, Conjugate, DUP, 5/3/1 etc. Our facility has access to top of the line equipment from Rogue and Kabuki Strength.


Olympic Lifting

We also employ coaches who are well versed in Olympic lifting and have competed in the CrossFit and functional fitness world. These lifts are highly technical and we believe in order to become competent in these lifts that you work with one of our qualified and certified coaches. Our coaches will design the ideal program for you whether you are a CrossFit athlete, a high school or college athlete or a weekend warrior.


Small Groups

Looking for a sense of community and group motivation? Then small group training would be the perfect fit. You can bring your own group to our facility or join a current one (as available). 


Boston : 400 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215

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