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Personal Trainer Mattapan


As a neighborhood in Boston, Mattapan is a well populated area, home to approximately 36,500 residents. Mattapan is located approximately 8 miles south of Downtown Boston, making it a popular spot for commuters that work in the city.


If you’re in the Mattapan area looking for a reliable personal trainer that will help you achieve your goals and deliver results, you’ve come to the right place! The certified personal trainers at Back Bay Fit are dedicated to creating custom plans that support you and your lifestyle, all while providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed. If you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life, we’re here to help! 

Private Training Facility 


When getting started with a fitness routine, we understand that in can be intimidating, especially if you’re in a crowded gym. The fear that this can cause bring upon people is sometimes enough to discourage them from going to the gym completely.


At Back Bay Fit, that’s why we believe in a quieter, modest size training facility that allows you to feel comfortable where you’re working out and trying new exercises. We have state of the art equipment that allows you to maximize your training experience, in a clean and safe spae. This combined with the motivation from our trainers may be exactly what you need to kickstart your fitness journey and finally see the results you dream of! 


Personal Training Sessions Near Mattapan 


Our personal trainers at Back Bay Fit use a variety of techniques to help you get in the best shape of your life! We’ll combine resistance and strength training with cardio, rehabilitation exercises, and nutrition planning to create a well-rounded routine that works. You’ll constantly be learning new exercises to challenge your muscles in new ways and build strength. 

Want to learn more about our personal training sessions at Back Bay Fit? Get in contact with us today! Fill out an online form to schedule your free consultation or give us a call.

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