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VO2 and Cardio Metabolic Analysis


Do you want to take your athletic performance, weight loss or overall health to the next level? Do you want to get a better understanding and an in depth view of how the your body functions on a metabolic level? VO2 and Cardio Metabolic Analysis allows us to take a deep dive into how your body and metabolism operates while resting and while active so that we may unlock your performance.

Using the PNOE System, we are able to perform the following:​

  • RMR Analysis -  This gives us a precise view of how many calories your body burns at rest so that we may know exactly how many calories you should be consuming.

  • AMR Analysis - Know exactly how many calories and what percentage of carbs and fats your body uses while active.

  • VO2 Max Testing - Know how well adapted your body is to utilizing oxygen and perform at a high level.

  • WHOOP Calibration - Do you have a WHOOP? You Should! We can calibrate your wearable to be 100% accurate in tracking your movement and calories burned.

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Resting Metabolic Rate

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VO2 Max Testing

WHOOP Calibration

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