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Our Personal Training programs offer an individualized, goal-setting workout to help you perform and feel better for all aspects of life. Moving week to week you will keep advancing towards your goals and onto new ones. At Back Bay Fit we have many styles and love using any and all combinations that work for you.

We encourage every new client interested in Personal Training to go through our Free consultation / assessment. Each consultation is custom, whether you are looking to talk over a game plan, go through body/strength assessments or have a sample workout.

From there we will figure the best plan for you!     

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Our Personal Training Services

Weight Loss

Weight loss is typically everyone’s goal when coming into the gym, and we do the best job of helping you through that process. We help by supplying a terrific combination of strength training, as well as cardio, in order to create the best balance for your workout. One of the best ways to do this is by confusing the muscles. We do this by switching up workouts often, as well as testing how well some work. We keep track of your weight loss, as well as body fat percentage, in order to make sure your weight loss journey goes smoothly.          


Kettlebell training is a major calorie burner. Similar to kickboxing, you get a great workout in a short amount of time, making it the biggest bang for your buck. Similarly, you get some great cardio, while getting to mix it up a bit. Treadmills and bikes can provide a sense of repetitiveness that most people get bored with, but this proves to be different. As a great strength exercise, you will not have to worry about bulking up too much. Kettlebells can really balance your workout and get you on the right track to your goals!          

Boxing Conditioning

Boxers, as we have seen, as some of the best athletes in the world. From speed to endurance, they truly encapsulate what it means to be an athlete. We do lots of boxing drills with you to really help with conditioning. We typically work with a heavy bag, which helps in regard to calorie burn, but we work our way up to this skill. Helping you learn new and exciting boxing combinations as a skill, as well as getting you in shape is our job, but we also like to make it fun as well!                      

Cross Training

Cross training can be a fun way to help get you in shape. Some of the exercises we are working with are the battling ropes training, as well as drive sled training. Plyometrics are also a huge part of cross training. All of these exercises, as well as others, can really help to increase endurance, and become a better athlete.

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