“Joe Rindone is an amazing personal trainer! His enthusiasm and knowledge as well as Joe’s ability to motivate his clients is unmatched. Since I started working one on one with Joe, I have seen dramatic changes in my physical appearance, energy levels, strength and stamina. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone who is looking for a friendly, personable, knowledgeable personal trainer.”

~ Michael

“Since starting with Joe, I can only say that I’m in the best shape of my life.
He is very professional, really knows what he does, changes my program constantly and does not give my body a break; and the results are obvious.
I have gained a lot of core strength, am very fit and toned without being too muscular, which is exactly what I had asked of him. In addition, I have also
gained a lot of cardio capacity and endurance. Aside from that he is really
a nice guy, respectful, gentle, and pleasant to be around. I absolutely
recommend working out with Joe; in fact my best friend is also hooked now.

~ Jen

“I started training with you in January 2010. As I have told you throughout my training I have gotten many comments about the way I look, and as a 57 year old woman with knee problems, I have never felt younger. I would like to formally thank you right now for all the hard work you put in! I have currently lost over 70 pounds and with the help of your creative training the gym is no longer a chore for me.”

– Jean


“I just took out my summer clothes and the shirts are baggy and the pants fell right off. Thank you very much for all of our great sessions and many more!”

~ Paula

“As every bride-to-be does, I was trying to prepare for my wedding by toning up. After meeting Joe, I decided to start personal training sessions with Joe twice a week. After the first month I went down 2 sizes! The exercises I performed gradually became more impressive, in addition my strength and agility improved. I looked wonderful on my wedding day and it never got old hearing it. I continue to train with Joe and my core strength continues to improve along with my overall strength which makes me feel better, and look great!”

~ Lauren