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Roxbury MA Personal Trainer 


As one of Boston’s many neighborhoods, Roxbury is a well-populated area, home to approximately 59,600 residents. With its close proximity to downtown Boston, it has become a popular spot for commuters to live. If you’re looking for a personal trainer and a place to workout in the Roxbury area, Back Bay Fit is the perfect spot! Hop on the orange line, and head over to our personal training studio in Boston.

Certified Personal Trainers in Roxbury 

At Back Bay Fit, our personal trainers have the certifications and experience necessary to create customized plans to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight for a certain occasion, are trying to build muscle, or just want to live an overall healthier lifestyle, we’re here to help. We’ll start with a free consultation to assess where you’re at, and what your goals are. From there, we’ll devise an attainable plan together. Using a variety of equipment and methods, we’ll always keep your workouts interesting, challenging you in new ways every week. We know that there’s not a “one size fits all” plan, and that’s why all of our personal trainers take the time to understand you and your goals. 

Get in Shape at Back Bay Fit 

Getting into a fitness routine can help transform both your physical and mental health. It’s important to keep in mind that fitness should be a sustainable lifestyle, not a quick fix. In addition to creating your workout routines and motivating you through them, we’ll also provide nutrition guidance. If you’re just getting started on your fitness routine, having someone that can show you the proper form for exercises is crucial.


Get in contact with us today to get started! Fill out an online form or give us a call at 617-450-0001

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