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The Importance of Active Aging Fitness

Updated: May 14

The Importance of Active Aging Fitness

As you get older, it is still important to get out there and stay active. It is crucial to physical and mental wellbeing, as muscle loss increases a bit more rapidly once you hit the age of 40. At age 30 your muscles just begin to lose their mass, but once you hit the age of 40, it is a more rapid decline, and you can lose as much as 23% of muscle by the age of 65. Let’s take a look at the aspects of well-being that fitness effects.

Physical Well-being

Physical Well-being

  • Weight: Activity can help to decrease fluctuations in weight, as well as moderate weight at a specific level so that one is within a healthy range.

  • Eases Pain: Back pain can be decreased by exercise, as exercise can increase flexibility and help to improve posture.

  • Illness: The impact of illness will be decreased, meaning that you will feel less sick when you get a cold, etc. and be feeling great more often.

  • Disease: Disease rates such as Alzheimer’s, obesity and heart disease can be dramatically reduced by exercising.

  • Mobility & Balance: While maintaining a healthy exercise schedule, many individuals find that they have a better stamina and endurance for walking, as well as the decreased chance of falling due to better balance.

  • Flexibility: By working your muscles, they have the ability to stretch and increases flexibility, making everyday tasks much easier.

Mental Well-being

Mental Well-being

  • Sleep Quality: By working out, sleeping becomes easier. This is true of people of all ages and can be very helpful the higher in age you get, as while you need less sleep, you still need quality sleep to be able to function right during the day.

  • Mood & Confidence: Working out releases serotonin, which can improve mood, as well as self-confidence.

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