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How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

Updated: May 7

How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

Every year, the clock begins again, and many people want this fresh start to become a part of their life as well. Many people make a New Year’s Resolution, but, many people also break this resolution within the first month.

This can be attributed to a few different things, including goals that are too high and a change in lifestyle that is not manageable long term. Let’s look at a few of the things you can do this new year to make sure your resolution stays in place.

Create Goals Within Reason

Create Goals Within Reason

By creating manageable goals, you can maintain them. One example of this is going to the gym. If you are not working out at all, it can be difficult to go 5 days a week just because it’s the New Year.

Start off by going twice a week, then over time, work in another day, and work yourself up to your end goal.

Throwing yourself into a different lifestyle can be too much and discourage many from continuing with their progress after a few weeks.

Keep a Schedule

Keep a Schedule

By creating a schedule for your goal, you are more likely to do it. There are two routes you could go with this.

Going back to the gym example, you could say, “I want to go to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday”, or you could go down a different path, look at your schedule at the beginning of the week and say, “Okay I can fit in a workout on Wednesday morning and Thursday after work”.

By doing things repeatedly, they can become a habit, so make sure to get into a good habit such as this!

Be Accountable

Be Accountable

Simply saying you are going to do something is a bit different than going through with it long-term. By holding yourself accountable, you can get back on track at any time.

Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself

The first step to any misstep is forgiveness. Again, with the gym metaphor, if you miss one session, or can only go once that week, it’s not the end of the world.

Just get back in there the next week and continue to the best you can! By consistently thinking about how you messed up, you can hinder your future progress, so don’t worry about it and get back in there the next week.

Many people will stop trying to achieve their goals and say “well, I missed this, so what’s the point?”, but you can do anything you set your mind to!

Add Friends to the Mix

Add Friends to the Mix

Friends can be great because they are supportive and can help keep you on track. By creating similar goals, you can also motivate each other to continue!

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How do I stick to my New Year's resolution?

Start small, stay consistent, and find support.

Track progress and be kind to yourself.

How do I overcome obstacles?

Identify triggers and adjust expectations.

Practice self-compassion and focus on the why.

What if I feel like giving up?

Revisit goals, seek support, and break it down.

Celebrate progress and reassess if needed.

How do I stay motivated?

Set reminders, visualize success, and find inspiration.

Mix it up and reward yourself.

What pitfalls should I avoid?

Don't overcommit or think all-or-nothing.

Prioritize self-care, avoid comparison, and remember the bigger picture.

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