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gyms in allston ma

Top Gyms in Allston, MA For Personal Training

Are you looking for top gyms in Allston, MA, for personal training? Check out Back Bay Fit!


We offer personalized programs to help you reach your fitness goals. Get ready to work hard, bring a positive attitude, and enjoy a free initial consultation. Call 617-450-0001 or visit our website today.

Personal training and GYMs in Allston, MA

Fitness Center

Strength Training


Hypertrophy Training

Olympic Lifting


Small Groups

Allston, Massachusetts, is one of the most student-friendly neighborhoods in Boston. It is a popular area for its college campuses, such as parts of Harvard, Boston University, and Berklee School of Music. Much of this activity can be found in the most visited areas of Allston, which include Brighton Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue.


Back Bay is also a great place to see some Boston sports due to its close proximity to the Fenway/Kenmore area.


Back Bay Fit provides the very services that have earned Boston the coveted title of one of the fittest cities in America. We have personal training programs that offer a personalized approach, where we listen to your fitness goals.


From there, our personal trainers in Allston, MA, develop a customized strategy to reach these goals. We also offer a free initial consultation to assess your level of fitness and then take you through a sample workout.


Before attending your first personal training and GYMs in Allston, MA, here are some tips to better prepare yourself:​​


  • Be ready to work hard

  • Eat a light meal an hour beforehand

  • Come with a positive attitude

  • Bring a water bottle

  • Provide a list of previous injuries


For more information about our gym in Allston, MA, or to set up your free consultation, call the Back Bay Fit Personal Trainers at 617-450-0001 or visit our website today. We also extend our services to residents near Back Bay, South End, North End, Mission Hill, Brookline, Roxbury, Downtown, Fenway Kenmore, & and Cambridge, MA.


Strength Training in Allston, MA

At Back Bay Fit, a top gym in Allston, MA, we believe everyone should do strength training. Whether you're getting personal training in Allston, MA, or working with a personal trainer here, we use things like dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells to help you get stronger. We make a plan that fits your goals, so you become stronger, not just at the gym, but in your everyday life. Come and join us to get fit and strong!


Hypertrophy Training in Allston, MA

Hypertrophy training, also known as bodybuilding, is all about building more muscle. When you train for hypertrophy, you'll not only become more muscular but also stronger. But if your main goal is to increase muscle mass, then hypertrophy training is what we'll focus on at Back Bay Fit, one of the top gyms in Allston, MA. Our experienced coaches can help you prepare for a bodybuilding competition or simply help you gain more muscle and stronger bones as you get older. Come train with us and see the difference!


Weight Loss Program in Allston, MA

Lots of folks come to our gym, wanting to lose weight, and we're here to help. At Back Bay Fit, we've got a smart mix of strength training and cardio workouts that really work. Our personal trainers in Allston, MA, make a plan just for you that speeds up your metabolism and burns fat. We also use special machines like Inbody or Dexa Scan to keep an eye on how your body fat is changing. Come join us, and let's team up to reach your weight loss goals!


Powerlifting Allston, MA

If you want to become really strong, improve your athletic performance, or compete in powerlifting, our powerlifting personal training in Allston, MA, is perfect for you. Our coaches know a lot about different training methods like Westside, Conjugate, DUP, 5/3/1, and more. Plus, our gym has top-notch equipment from Rogue and Kabuki Strength. Join us, and let's work on building your raw power and achieving your athletic goals!


Olympic Lifting in Allston, MA:

We have personal trainers in Allston, MA, who are really good at Olympic lifting. They've even competed in CrossFit and functional fitness. These lifts are quite technical, so if you want to get good at them, it's a good idea to work with one of our certified coaches. It doesn't matter if you're into CrossFit, a high school or college athlete, or just someone who enjoys weekend workouts – our coaches can create the perfect program for you. Come and train with us!


Small Groups

If you want to feel like you're part of a team and get motivated with a group, our small group training at Back Bay Fit in Allston, MA, is a great choice. You can either bring your own group to our gym or join an existing one if there's space available. It's a fun way to work out and stay motivated together. Join us for some group fitness fun!

Why Choose US 

Expert Trainers

Our skilled personal trainers in Allston, MA, are here to help and motivate you all the way, making sure you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively.

Customised Programs

We create fitness plans just for you, based on what you need and want, so your fitness journey is fun and works well for you.

Proven Results

We've helped lots of people reach their fitness goals, so you can trust us to help you, too. You can join our personal training in Allston, MA, and see the results you're looking for.

Supportive Community

We have a friendly fitness group in Allston, MA, where you'll find support, motivation, and a sense of belonging as you work on your fitness goals.

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