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Dorchester Personal Trainer

Dorchester is one of Boston’s largest neighborhoods, and also one of the most historic, dating back to 1630. In fact, the oldest surviving home in Boston is located in Dorchester! The city is comprised of nearly 6 square miles of land, with more than 87,500 residents living there. Located south of downtown Boston, commuters can take the MBTA redline into the city.  If you’re living in the Dorchester area, check out our personal training facility located in the Back Bay! Our certified personal trainers are the best in the area and are ready to help you get in shape. 

Personal Training Sessions

No matter what your fitness goals are, hiring a personal trainer to help you achieve them will be beneficial. The knowledge and expertise that a certified personal trainer can offer is invaluable. They will create efficient workout routines for you, teach you proper form, and motivate you to be the best you can be. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, want to gain muscle or just overall feel healthier, we can help. Changing up your fitness routine frequently is important to prevent you from plateauing, which is when your body starts to get used to an exercise and you no longer see results from it. We’ll create a workout routine using a variety of equipment, including kettlebells, dumbells, battle ropes, and more to continuously challenge you in new ways. 

Why Choose Back Bay Fit? 

As a resident of Dorchester, Back Bay Fit is approximately a 20-minute drive or 45 minutes T-ride away. However, we can guarantee it’ll be worth it to choose our personal training facility. Our trainers are results-driven and want to help you to achieve your goals. Working out in a big gym can be intimidating, especially if you’re not confident there. Our facility is an intimate space, with friendly and encouraging faces, that you’ll get to know. Everyone wants to see you succeed and working out around like-minded individuals provides a motivation environment. We start all of our clients with a personal free consultation to determine a plan. We’ll go through a strength assessment or sample workout, and together devise a game plan. Are you ready to kickstart your health and fitness journey? Contact the experts at Back Bay Fit today to get going!

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