Our Classes


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Here at Back Bay Fit, we offer a large variety of classes that you will absolutely love. From Active Aging Fitness, to Kickboxing, we have something for everyone. Learn more about our different classes today:

  • Kettlebell Cross Train : Kettlebell Cross Train combines cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training in order to essentially work your body in every way possible. This activity helps by creating a great balance for you.
  • KickBoxing : Kickboxing has become an increasingly popular activity, especially in the past decade or so. It is an amazing workout for the heart, and really works you by supplying a great cardiovascular training session.
  • Active Aging Fitness : People of all ages need exercise! We have developed a class for the aging population because we know that exercise is beneficial at all ages.
  • Curt Cardio : Curt Cardio is a 30 minute, boot camp style class developed so that you can really get the best in a short amount of time.
  • Lift : Lifting is an amazing way to get a workout in. While it helps to develop muscle, it is also known to help get rid of fats. Adding this to a workout regimen could really help push your workout over the edge!
  • Functional Flexibility : Flexibility is key. Having additional flexibility can really help to avoid injury, AND build muscle. Join us today!