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Chestnut Hill, MA

Chestnut Hill is a village located in Massachusetts. It is not necessarily part of one specific town, but instead, part of 3 towns and cities, which it is surrounded by. These cities and towns include Boston, Newton, and Brookline. This being said, all three of these places are a part of different counties, and while Chestnut Hill is recognized as being in Norfolk County, due to its proximity to Brookline, it is actually part of Suffolk County, due to its proximity to Boston, and Middlesex County, because of Newton, as well.

With all of this being said, Chestnut Hill is known for a few different things. These include the Chestnut Hill Mall, as well as a few colleges which are well known. Boston College calls Chestnut Hill its home, as does Pine Manor College, and while the former is a bit more popular than the latter, Pine Manor College is actually rated one of the nation’s most diverse colleges for liberal arts.

Being within 6 miles of Downtown Boston, and a similar distance from Back Bay, Chestnut Hill provides the perfect opportunity for us to show off our services, which have earned Boston the coveted title of one of the fittest cities in America. We have personal training programs that offer a personalized approach, where we listen to your fitness goals. From there, we develop a customized strategy to reach these goals. We offer a free initial consultation to assess your level of fitness then take you through a sample workout.

Before attending your first personal training session, here are some tips to better prepare yourself:

  • Provide a list of previous injuries

  • Be ready to work hard

  • Come with a positive attitude

  • Bring a water bottle

  • Eat a light meal an hour beforehand

For more information about our personal training programs, or to set up your free consultation, call the Back Bay Fit Personal Trainers at 617-450-0001 or visit our website today. We also extend our services to residents near Back Bay, South End, North End, Mission Hill, Brookline, Roxbury, Downtown, Fenway Kenmore, & Cambridge, MA.

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