5 Best Arm Exercises for Women

arm exercises

When you head into the gym, sometimes it can be extremely daunting, as there are so many options of exercises that can be done. Since there are so many options, sometimes it can be easy to follow a guide of a few different exercises, with the weight increasing over time, or decreasing with an increase in reps. Sometimes, however, it is good to change it up a bit and give something a try. Here is a small guide to a few moves that will really show a difference when doing an arm workout.

  1. Bent over dumbbell rows: To do this exercise, lean over slightly and then extend your arms in front of you. From here, one would extend both arms outward until they are straight out to your sides. This helps to work the shoulder muscles and can help to build muscle in the back area. Leaning forward creates more of a pull, making the exercise a little more difficult than your ordinary dumbbell rows.
  2. Chest fly handoff: A chest fly handoff is like a chest fly, but instead works with one dumbbell. This is where the handoff comes into play. Start off by laying on the ground or on a bench. Then, start off with your arms directly above the chest area. From here, you will be extending both arms straight outward (with the dumbbell in one hand), so that they are parallel to the ground. From here, extending your arms back in the air and switching dumbbells to the other hand works to make sure both sides of the body get the same workout. This really works the chest area.
  3. Shoulder cycles: This exercise is simple. Start by standing with your feet a shoulder’s width away. From here extend the arms up to your side, lifting them to be parallel to the floor. From here, extend them to be in front of you. After this, you will be reextending them out to your sides and then back down. Doing this may seem simple at first, but you will really start feeling it a few in, so maybe starting with a lower weight would be beneficial to your productivity.
  4. Overhead tricep extensions: This exercise will really work your triceps, and is kind of fun! Start with your arms extended over your head, holding the dumbbell, and slowly bend your elbows so that the weight is basically behind your head. If you cannot do this, even bending your elbow a little bit will still work the muscle!
  5. Half kneeling bicep curls: Bicep curls are one of the most well-known arm exercises, but why not do two things at once! Kneeling can help your body to balance better, and the bicep curls help to build muscle in the area they are named after.

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