Personal Training

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Our Personal Training programs offer an individualized, goal-setting
workout to help you perform and feel better for all aspects of life. Moving week to week you will keep advancing towards your goals and onto new ones. At Back Bay Fit we have many styles and love using any and all combinations that work for you.

We encourage every new client interested in Personal Training to go through our Free consultation / assessment. Each consultation is custom, whether you are looking to talk over a game plan, go through body/strength assessments or have a sample workout. From there we will figure the best plan for you!

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 Weight Loss

  • Most everyone’s #1 goal and we do it best
  • Supplying a good combination strength training and cardio
  • Muscle confusion workouts Testing the numbers.
  • We will keep track of your weight loss, body fat percentage.             


  • Biggest bang for your buck, major calorie burn
  • Great cardio, without the repetitiveness of a treadmill or bike
  • Great strength training, without worrying about bulking up

  Boxing Conditioning

  • Boxers are some of the best athletes on earth.
  • and we transfer those conditioning drills onto you.
  • Work with a heavy bag for a calorie burn.
  • Learn new and exciting boxing combinations as a skill, while getting in great shape at the same time

 Cross Training

  • Battling ropes training
  • Drive sled training
  • Plyometrics and much more in helping increase endurance, becoming a better athlete and change your body type into that fitness model look.