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Get Tone Boot Camp

Kettlebell Cross Train


Get Tone Boot Camp

class2Burn calories, define and shred in this cardio-strength and endurance, class! A full body workout using a number of methods, from functional training, sports conditioning and cross training. Use dumbbells, medicine balls, kettle bells, stability balls, battling ropes and bod weight. Feel great and the difference now!


Kettlebell Cross Train


Very similar to our Get Tone Boot Camp class, yet you will utilize the kettlebell.  Proper technique will be established in the beginning of each class to one or more foundation movements.  Gain strength and cardio-endurance all in the same exercise. Learn the correct form in hard style of kettlebell training. Your glutes and core will never hurt so good!

**Please contact us for a free lesson on kettlebell training before taking this class.**




boxing1Kickboxing is a workout that utilizes your entire body in a fast, repetitive motion.  Remarkable training forweight loss, as well as bone density, joint strength, muscle strength, and cardiovascular endurance. Your body image will be transformed into your ideal body, you have always wanted, but you will increase your coordination, balance, and flexibility as well. There is a series of punches and kicks that will have you also learning a significant amount, while getting the most enjoyable workout you’ve ever experienced!


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