Back Bay Sweat
Strengthen and Lengthen
Kettle Kamp


Back Bay Sweat
Moderate level class 

class2Burn calories, define and shred in this cardio-strength and endurance, class! A full body workout using a number of methods, from functional training, sports conditioning and cross training. Use dumbells, medicine balls, kettle bells, stability balls, battling ropes and bod weight. Feel great and the difference now!


Strengthen and Lengthen
Beginner to Advanced level class (Please bring your own mat)

class3Increase core strength and sculpt long lean muscles by borrowing the most effective movements from Pilates, Ballet, and Yoga. A total body workout Improving trouble areas such as, abs, thighs, butt and upper body.Hitting each muscle group to fatigue with small, isometric movements and stretching these muscles immediately after.  Creating long lean muscles!  


kettle_pose1Kettle Kamp
Moderate to Advanced level class

Gain strength and cardio endurance all in the same exercise. Learn the correct technique in the hard style of kettle bell training. Your glutes and core will never hurt so good!





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